DEFAULT works properly with the password input type in all browsers except IE8 and below (and also improves upon your current solution by not submitting the placeholder value along with the form). You can't do it in IE8 and below without creating a new element temporarily. – . Hi I have created a form on my website. I am using placeholder="Full Name" but nothing is showing up in the form when viewed in IE8 (and probably other IE versions) I have tried using value="" onf. Nov 29,  · HTML5 offers a lot of exciting new features in the realm of forms. One of my favorite new additions to forms in HTML5 is the placeholder attribute. Placeholder text is the “hint” or “example” text that resides in a text input field before the user clicks in (or tabs to) that field — and.

Form placeholder text ie8

This fix shows placeholder text in IE8 and IE9 even with password fields. form class="form-horizontal"> form-group">

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